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Climate zones illustrate climate change. Interviewee: Johannes Klein, Aalto University.

Climate-Proof City The Planner's Workbook

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IPCC info­graphics

Examine the infographics based on the key messages of the latest IPCC Assessment Report.



What can munici­pal­ities do? provides sector-specific support for climate work in municipalities.



Seminar: Arctic change – a global concern?

Tue 3.2. 09:00 - 12:15, The House of Estates, Helsinki

The Arctic has been warming two times faster than the global average. These changes will have consequences throughout the world. The seminar is expected to shed light on how to mitigate Arctic changes and help to understand the role of the upcoming climate agreement in this context. The seminar is held in English.

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Permeable pavements for Nordic conditions developed

Permeable pavements have been developed to reduce the problems caused by storm and runoff water in urban areas. Climate change further increases the need for permeable pavements due to higher volumes of rainfall overall.

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Global warming reduces wheat production markedly if no adaptation takes place

Future global wheat harvest is likely to be reduced by six per cent per each degree Celsius of local temperature increase if no adaptation takes place. Worldwide this would correspond to 42 million tons of yield reduction, which equals a quarter of current global wheat trade.

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2014 was Finland's second warmest year on record

According to preliminary calculations, the average temperature for the whole country was around 0.15 °C lower than for 1938, the warmest year recorded. The list of the five warmest years also includes 1989, 2011 and 2000.

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Seminar of the climate adaptive surfaces

Wed 14.1. 09:30 - 16:00, GTK-auditorium, Espoo

Welcome to the CLASS seminar, to hear about the latest developments in pervious pavement implementation to Finland. Intense research activities have been done within a project with 15 industrial partners to create pervious pavements aimed at mitigate impacts of climate change on urban flooding.

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