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Leaf area index has a great effect on the albedo. Interviewee: Terhikki Manninen, Finnish Meteorological Institute. The video is in Finnish.

Climate-Proof City The Planner's Workbook

HINKU Kohti hiilineutraalia kuntaa


Maps of the mpacts of climate change

Maps about the impacts of climate change

The map tool now includes also terrestrial ecosystems.



Adaptive capacity and vulnerability

How vulnerable are the elderly to climate change?



The Finnish Government has adopted the medium-term climate change plan

On 14 September 2017, the Finnish Government adopted the medium-term climate change plan to 2030. The plan ‘Towards Climate-Smart Day-to-Day Living’ sets out the necessary means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in the non-emissions trading sector, i.e. transport, agriculture, heating and waste management.

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Finnish climate is expected to change more during winter than during summer months

Global warming will not affect Finland in the same way all year round. Winters will become significantly warmer and more rainy during the winter months, while the changes in the summer will be less marked. As global warming progresses, high extreme temperatures become increasingly likely and low extremes become less common. Even though the climate is changing, the annual variation will remain.

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