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Climate change will reduce the winter ice cover in the Baltic Sea. Interviewee: Anna Luomaranta, Finnish Meterological Insitute. The video is in Finnish.

Climate-Proof City The Planner's Workbook

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Greenhouse gases at Pallas

Greenhouse gases at Pallas

See how the carbon dioxide and methane concentrations have changed.



Adaptive capacity and vulnerability

How vulnerable are the elderly to climate change?



Green infrastructure - if spread smartly - increases apartment prices in the city of Helsinki

Provide urban green, but spread it smartly, is the message of a new study by FMI. Urban green raises the price/m2 of apartments by 1-4%, depending on type (park, urban forest, or open field) and location within the city. When existing or planned urban areas are provided with the correct - for their location - mix of green types, the price benefits are maximized.

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Uncertainties related to climate engineering limit its use in curbing climate change

A new study suggests that the uncertainties associated with climate engineering are too great for it to provide an alternative to the rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. has been suggested that climate engineering could be used to postpone cuts to greenhouse gas emissions while still achieving the objectives of limiting global warming to under 2 degrees, as set in the Paris Climate Agreement.

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Climate change to be considered in disaster risk reduction policies

Better administrative coordination can improve the effectiveness of weather and climate risk management, shows a study undertaken by the Finnish Meteorological Institute and the University of Helsinki. This was investigated in Zambia, where disaster risk management and climate change adaptation are partly separated from each other at the policy level, leading to inefficient use of administrative resources and overlapping management structures.

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Doctoral defence: Climate Change and Security in the Arctic – The Relevance of Feminism?

Fri 16.12. 12:00, Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Lapland, Lecture room 3

In spite of the obvious threats that climate change poses to both the natural environment and human security, states of the world have been slow to react. Short-term economic gains still receive priority over long-term ecological and human security. In her doctoral dissertation, Auður H Ingólfsdóttir explores the case of Iceland. She uses a feminist social constructivist perspective, through which concepts from feminism and gender studies are used as analytical tools.

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Weather and climate risks should be managed efficiently

Maintaining security and the central functions vital to society requires active preparation for extreme weather conditions. Preparation should take into account that climate change may change extreme weather conditions, their frequency and severity. Thus, preparing for extreme weather conditions is also part of the adaptation to climate change. ELASTINEN research project produced an overall assessment of the management of weather and climate risks and evaluated ways to promote management of these risks in various sectors.

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