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Is the Earth cooling? Video examines the claims that instead of warming the Earth's climate would actually be cooling. Video in English with Finnish subtitles.

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How hot in your lifetime?

How hot in your lifetime?

Test how hot the climate will get in your lifetime.



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Towards Paris: Climate scenarios provide information about what is to come

Four different RCP scenarios constructed by the International Climate Panel IPCC are used to estimate possible future development of greenhouse gas concentrations. Scenarios provide studied information about what is to come and are an important tool in decision making.

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Decreases in European emissions have not affected air quality in Western Lapland

Ozone and hydrocarbon measurements from Pallas indicate that the levels have remained the same, even though EU has cut volatile hydrocarbon compound emissions by up to 50 percent. However air masses in Western Lapland reflect emission developments of a very extensive area, and for example in Eastern Europe emissions are still on a significant level.

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Baltic Sea Nutrients Flow into the North Sea

The Baltic Sea has a stronger effect on the North Sea than what has been previously thought. Water flowing out from the Baltic Sea affects the salinity of and the number of plankton in the North Sea. Changes in the climate have increased the amount of rainfall in the Baltic Sea area which might also further affect the North Sea.

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In 2030, we will have local protein on our plate

New research project aims at finding sources of protein that will not accelerate climate change and are located near the consumer. Project also seeks to increase Finland’s self-sufficiency in protein production. New protein sources are developed by breeding insects, cultivating mushrooms and processing raw vegetable materials.

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Finns want the international community to take rapid climate actions

Finns consider international climate negotiations important for solving the climate challenge. Majority supports a common long-term emission reduction target and ambitious actions to limit the increase in temperature. This is revealed in a survey commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment.

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