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Comprehensive information package on climate change and its impacts, mitigation and adaptation.
Observed and projected climate change in a convenient format: on the maps, as graphs, and in tables.

Support for sector-specific climate work in municipalities and concrete examples of mitigation and adaptation measures.

Changes of climatic zones

Examine how the climatic zones in Europe are projected to change.

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IPCC infographics

Examine the infographics based on the key messages of the latest IPCC Assessment Report.


Find out about all aspects of climate change


Climate change explained

The humanity has conquered nature and is forcing climate to change.

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Finland´s changing climate

Finland´s climate has already become warmer. Precipitation and cloudiness will increase, too.

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Read more about impacts on nature and society in Finland and globally.

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It's everyone´s resposibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Minimising the adverse effects of climate change requires systematic action.

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