Finland's changing climate

Finland's climate is characterised by major variation from year to year. Extensive water bodies and topographic features are among the factors influencing the climate in different regions. Finland's mean temperature has risen by less than one degree in the past hundred years. On the basis of climate models, the mean temperature is estimated to continue rising and precipitation will increase particularly in winter, torrential rain will become more intense and the snow cover in southern Finland more capricious.

Information on Finland's changing climate

Climate in Finland has become warmer

Finland's climate has become more than one degree warmer in the past 110 years. Spring­time has warmed up the most.

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Climate zones change

Finland's climate zones are transferring north.

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Temper­atures will continue rising

In future, winter temperatures will rise most in Finland. Summers will become hotter, too.

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Precipita­tion will increase

Precipitation will increase and intensify, particularly in winter.

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Water level rises in the Baltic Sea

In the Gulf of Finland, the rise in sea level is about to overcome land uplift.

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