Video: In Northern India aerosol concentrations in the air vary seasonally

In Northern India, the aerosol concentrations in the air are extremely high and the impact on the climate is significant. Seasonal variation in the aerosol concentrations is strong, which depends both on the precipitation and on the altitude of the mixing boundary layer in the lowest part of the atmosphere. [1]

Interviewee: Senior research scientist Antti-Pekka Hyvärinen, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Video length: 5:03 min

Language: Finnish, with English subtitles

Recorded: 3.7.2013

Published: 8.11.2013

Terms of use: The video is freely usable for non-commercial purposes, such as education. website and the producer of the video should be mentioned as reference.

For courses in Finnish upper secondary schools: GE3 (old) -> GE1 (new curriculum/OPS)

Filmed by: Riku Mesiniemi ja Anna Puustinen

Production: The video is produced by the Finnish Meteorological Institute as part of project TULUVAT funded by the Finnish National Board of Education.


  1. Hyvärinen, A.-P., Raatikainen, T., Brus, D., Komppula, M., Panwar, T. S., Hooda, R. K., Sharma, V. P. & Lihavainen, H. 2011. Effect of the summer monsoon on aerosols at two measurement stations in Northern India – Part 1: PM and BC concentrations. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Volume 11, Number 16: 8271-8282.