Video: The influence of natural events

In addition to the human influence, also natural events, like volcanic eruptions and changes in ocean circulation, have an effect on our climate. [1], [2]

Video length: 6:20 min

Language: English, with Finnish subtitles (see instructions below)

Published in YouTube: 13.2.2012

Published in 15.11.2013

For courses in Finnish upper secondary schools: GE1, GE3 (vanha) -> GE2, GE1 (uusi OPS)

Subtitles: Video has Finnish subtitles available. If they don’t appear automatically, click the rectangular icon ”Subtitles” and choose Finnish. Video has been subtitled by the Finnish Meteorological Institute in TULUVAT-project funded by Finnish National Board of Education.

Terms of use: The video is freely usable for non-commercial purposes, such as education. website and the producer of the video should be mentioned as reference.

Authors: Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) and Finnish Meteorological Institute


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