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New mapping tool shows where the elderly may be vulnerable to climate change

The population of Finland is projected to age significantly in future decades. Over the same period, the Finnish climate is expected to become warmer, leading to changes in the number and severity of extreme weather events that could have important impacts on the health of elderly people. In order to illustrate changes in the risks of climate change for the elderly, the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and the Finnish Meteorological Institute have developed a vulnerability mapping tool for

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Interactive visualization shows the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations

The concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere are continuously growing. Now the observations at the Pallas measurement station can also be studied with the interactive visualization on

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New mapping tool shows how cross-country skiing in Finland is vulnerable to climate change

The Finnish Environment Institute and the Natural Resources Institute Finland have released a new interactive mapping tool about climate change effects on cross-country skiing in web portal. Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular recreational activities in Finland, but it is now becoming clear that it will be severely affected by a warming climate.

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Infographics on Finnish climate policy in three languages

Now you can learn about Finnish climate policy through infographics at Infographics are available in finnish, swedish and english. Topics included are principles of climate policy, mitigation of climate change in different sectors and impacts of climate change and efforts to adapt to them.

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News section of launched

Domestic news on climate change can now be found in one place. collects news about research, policies and events from the domestic research institutes, universities and ministries to its news archive.

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