This section includes press releases about tools and services related to climate change, mitigation, and adaptation from Finnish research institutions, universities, ministries, and other public administration.

Open course to tackle the basics of climate change

The goal is to get the multidisciplinary course into every university and university of applied sciences in Finland. The web course was developed by experts in natural sciences and pedagogy, as well as the arts, and the course videos were produced in co-operation with media students.

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New operative system for managing the water balance of mines

A new tool has been developed for predicting and managing the water balance of mines, and to produce forecasts for mining operators. This tool allows mining operators to prepare for changes in water quantities and floods, and ensure the adequacy of the water supply. In addition, it provides information for regulating lakes in the mining area. The tool was designed as part of the WaterSmart project.

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Energy weather forecast: Power from the sun and wind

The energy weather forecast converts sunshine and wind into kilowatt hours for each location over the next 24 hours. The free and easy-to-use renewable energy weather forecast is available to consumers and producers of electricity alike online. It enables the planning of production and consumption

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Interactive visualization shows the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations

The concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere are continuously growing. Now the observations at the Pallas measurement station can also be studied with the interactive visualization on

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New mapping tool shows how cross-country skiing in Finland is vulnerable to climate change

The Finnish Environment Institute and the Natural Resources Institute Finland have released a new interactive mapping tool about climate change effects on cross-country skiing in web portal. Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular recreational activities in Finland, but it is now becoming clear that it will be severely affected by a warming climate.

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