Climate change explained - causes and consequences of climate change

Different climate phases in the past have greatly affected the way how the nature has adapted to its current form. Human activities are now changing the climate and the environment in ways that are severely challenging our well-being. The contents of portal cover all aspects of climate change from causes to consequences. Information has been compiled by Finnish research institutions and expert organizations.

Find out about all aspects of climate change


The phe­nomenon

The humans are their acititivities are forcing climate to change.

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Finland´s changing climate

Finland´s climate has already become warmer. Precipitation and cloudiness will increase, too.

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Read more about impacts on nature and society in Finland.

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It is everyone´s responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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It is essential to adapt to the changing climate and municipalities play a key role in it.

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Climate-friendly food

Food makes a difference in mitigation of climate change.

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Future in bioenergy?

The life cycle chain of bioenergy has many environmental impacts.

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Built environment

Climate change needs to be taken into consideration in all aspects of construction.

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Short cut to impacts

Information about impacts on different regions and sectors.