Socio-economic impacts

Climate change will affect the lives of people on different sides of the globe in many ways. These impacts are believed to be worst in poor, developing countries, where possibilities to adapt to the negative effects of climate change are weak. Problems may be related to financial subsistence as well as social wellbeing. Researching the subject area and performing projections is difficult as these two are tightly interconnected. In addition, the creation of problems strongly depends on how much is invested in adaptation to climate change and how successful this is.

Finland will also face some socio-economic impacts as the climate change progresses. Some of these impacts are reflective impacts which are particularly difficult to project: for example, a deteriorating economic situation in other countries may weaken Finnish exports and thus the entire national economy. In addition, if living conditions elsewhere in the world worsen this may increase the number of ecological refugees seeking shelter in Finland. Finland will not be spared of direct impacts either. Different economic sectors and population groups can experience the effects of climate change in a range of ways.