Impacts of climate change

The impacts of climate change on society and the natural environment depend on the magnitude and speed of the changes and on sensitivity to climatic factors. In Finland, vegetation zones are retreating northwards and the flood risks and the operating conditions of both agriculture and forestry are changing. The global economy and international politics also have considerable implications on Finland. On a global scale, the harmful impacts of climate change are significantly greater than its benefits.

Information about the impacts of climate change

The future of winter sports in jeopardy

Climate change is a threat to sports that depend on natural ice and snow.

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Forestry faces gains and challenges

Timber harvests are likely to grow, but climate change makes forests vulnerable to damage.

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Increasing appreciation for diversity

Climate change affects the quality and availability of ecosystem services and increases their value.

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Will the Finnish economy grow?

Climate change may benefit some areas of Finnish economy but global fluctuations may put the trend into reverse.

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Will the use of salt on roads increase?

Climate change may decrease the need for snow ploughs but increase the need for de-icing.

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