Video: The increase in carbon dioxide and methane concentrations shows in measurements made at Pallas, Finland

The measurements made in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park reveal the increase of carbon dioxide and methane concentrations and their seasonal variation. The carbon dioxide concentration has been increasing since the monitoring at Pallas began. It reaches the highest level in winter and decreases during the growing season. At Pallas the seasonal cycle of methane is not as regular as the cycle of carbon dioxide, and it also shows the local methane emissions from wetlands. [1], [2]

Interviewee: Senior Researcher Tuula Aalto, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Videon length: 3:43 min

Language: Finnish, with English subtitles

Recorded: 11.6.2013

Published: 26.9.2013

Terms of use: The video is freely usable for non-commercial purposes, such as education. website and the producer of the video should be mentioned as reference.

For courses in Finnish upper secondary schools: BI3, GE1, GE3, KE1 (old) -> BI2, GE2, GE1, KE1 (new curriculum/OPS)

Filmed by: Riku Mesiniemi and Anna Puustinen

Production: The video is produced by the Finnish Meteorological Institute as part of project TULUVAT which funded by the Finnish National Board of Education.


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