• Hillintä


      Greenhouse gas emissions can be mitigated on all sectors of municipal jurisdiction. Apart from cutting emissions on must protect potential carbon sinks, such as forests. Greatest potential for mitigation can be found in transport and energy sectors. In a longer timespan sustainable lifestyles can be supported through land use planning and traffic planning.

      Municipalities can reduce the emissions from energy production and waste management through their public utilities. Emission reduction should be a common principle in all decisions and acts within the municipality.

  • Sopeutuminen


      Adapting to climate change is a long process. Municipalities should prepare for change especially in land use planning, decisions made in which have long-term impacts. The basic municipal infrastructure should work even in the most challenging conditions. Taking care of rainwater and reserving flooding areas are key challenges in Finland.

      From the perspective of residents climate change mainly shows as a factor affecting the pleasantness of outdoor environments. Developing recreational possibilities and supporting biological diversity also has an effect on this.

  • Ratkaisuarkisto


      A lot has already been done in Finnish municipalities on both climate change mitigation and adaptation. Here you can find novel projects and actors behind them (only in Finnish at the moment).

      New solutions are constantly being added to the portal – please feel welcome to take a tour or to add your an example of your own municipality on climate change mitigation or adaptation!

In this section you will find key sectoral reports on climate change mitigation and adaptation. The articles present the key challenges of each sector in a compact form.

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Climate change information for everyday challenges of municipal actors and citizens

Land use & construction

Sustainable land use planning creates the basis for sustainable communities.

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Technical services

The sector holds the key to major emission reduction.

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Education & culture

Early childhood education creates a basis for climate deeds.

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Social & health

Emission cuts through energy efficiency and sustainable public purchases.

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Environ- mental protection

Our common environment is under an increasing stress.

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