Education and culture

In addition to being a key factor in the local residents' wellbeing, culture and exercise are an entity that should be treasured for its mental and material achievements for the mankind. If considered widely, culture has a major impact on greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, there are notable indirect impacts as culture is moving towards a more individually centred enjoyment culture.

The greatest emissions from education, culture and exercise are caused by the construction and maintenance of the building stock. In addition, journeys to cultural events and exercise facilities are a considerable source of emissions. By supporting local exercising and forms of exercise that are not dependent on weather conditions or indoor halls consuming energy, municipalities can have an impact on the emissions. In addition, eco-friendliness can be a focal goal when arranging cultural events.

Since individual choices and consumption habits related to culture have a significant effect on the energy consumption related to cultural events, this presents a challenge. For example, although they reduce the need to travel, home theatres and use of the Internet consume more and more electricity. In the educational sector, inculcation of attitudes towards ecological values is of key importance. This is particularly emphasised in early education.

With respect to tourism, municipalities are presented with a contradictory situation. Although increasing domestic travelling is a good goal due to the high greenhouse gas emissions caused by flying, it also increases the municipality's emissions. A clear solution is to support public transportation as a form of travelling. Another clear goal is to create and maintain a pleasant every day environment which reduces the need to travel abroad for recreation. At the same time, preparations should be made for the pressures caused by climate change impacts on the neighbourhood.


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