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Solutions for mitigation and adaptation in municipalities

In Finland, municipalities have already implemented many concrete measures, big and small, to mitigate climate change and to adapt to it. We have now started to collect descriptions of these measures to They will be accessible also in English in the future. Meantime, the collected solutions can be studied in Finnish.

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We are constantly seeking new good examples of mitigation and adaptation measures. If you know of an example at your own municipality, we hope you will share it with other users of through the upper-right corner "Add a new solution!" form. We will then review the information and possibly contact you before the solution is published.

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Practical solutions to combat climate change (PDF, 3 MB) - The international competition targeted at the Baltic Sea Region and the Nordic countries searched for new solutions for municipalities to better control the effects of climate change. This publication presents the awarded solutions and 16 other examples of technical or integrated solutions to combat climate change.