Traffic and streets - Mitigation

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Enhancing the efficiency of transports through regional co-operation; Energy audits of transports

Strengths, factors in favour

Weaknesses, uncertainties

Costs, economic impacts

A municipal logistics centre may facilitate combining of goods transport and planning of deliveries so as to reduce vehicle-kilometerage.

As major changes may cause surprising problems, the functionality of new driving and transport routes must be tested in advance to facilitate anticipation of problems.

+ Less mileage and transport kilometres reduces fuel costs.

Regional logistics pools may help in combining the procurements of small municipalities into larger deliveries.

The implementation of transports must also be monitored in order to facilitate quick fixing of any drawbacks.

+/- Planning and optimisation of transports increases work costs but enhancing efficiency of transports and deliveries reduce them.

Optimisation of the routes of passenger transport services commissioned by municipalities may reduce the number of kilometres driven.   

Efficiency must be enhanced continuously.


Information on energy consumption of various stages of different transport chains helps the correct targeting of measures to enhance efficiency.



Lower energy consumption of transport and less emissions.