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Energy saving at the workplace (saving electricity, water and heat)

Strengths, factors in favour

Weaknesses, uncertainties

Costs, economic impacts

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

How to commit employees to this activity?

+ Energy saving saves money: Energy saving is 2–10 times more profitable than additional construction of energy production

Find the best ways to save energy and improve energy efficiency

Training costs money.

+ State aid easier to obtain for energy investments: for energy efficiency audits (40–50%) and energy saving investments (15–20%)

Energy saving saves money

Must not impair service standards

+ Improves the image


How to identify best practices?

+ Signing of an energy efficiency agreement is free of charge


Progress of plans and strategies must be systematically monitored. Otherwise their benefits may not be attained.

- May require working hours/an external employee


- Training of employees may incur costs


- Costs may increase at least initially as investments are made.