Environmental protection

Many impacts of climate change increase the strain that is directed at the natural environment. In the future, water conservation poses an ever expanding challenge. The quality of bodies of water is weakened by both periods of drought and heavy rain. In addition to a growing nutrition load, a threat is posed by environmental accidents caused by floods. In the urban areas, air quality problems may increase.

A municipality can commit to the goals of sustainable development and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through a local agenda or a climate strategy and programme. In addition, an environmental permit is a powerful tool to decrease emissions, while the municipality's energy counselling and education play their roles.

The negative impacts of the change can be prepared for in the municipalities by supporting actions that further decrease pollutional load on water bodies and by catering for the treatment of contaminated land areas.


How to proceed? Information for the environmental protection section regarding mitigation and adaptation measures

Environ- mental protection

Climate change impedes achieving environmental protection goals.

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