Information about the service - diverse information on climate change through a single website

The website pools practical, studied and reliable information on climate change into one address and in a uniform format.

The purpose of the website is to support society and citizens in mitigating climate change, and in adapting to it. The website helps in understanding phenomena related to climate change, and in structuring information. The aim is to allow anyone needing information on climate change to find it rapidly and easily.

Another aim is to enable Finnish research institutions, authorities and expert organisations to make their climate change information and services more easily available to society. comprises three sections that support one another

Climate Change Explained

Comprehensive information package on climate change and its impacts, mitigation and adaptation. Contents produced by Finnish research and expert organisations pay special attention to providing information in a comprehensible, user-friendly manner.

The section include:

  • reliable, diverse information,
  • more than 100 web articles in English,
  • eight interactive learning tools,
  • emission calculators.

The original and most complete language version of the portal is in Finnish. Subsection concentrating on climate science (Climate change as a phenomenon) has been left out from the English and Swedish versions as there are plentiful of reliable sites in the Internet explaining climate science. In the other sections Changing climate of Finland, Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation most of the contents are in all three languages. Some of the contents of wb site dealing with regional climates, regional impacts and some mitigation issues have been published only in Finnish.

Maps, graphs and data - find out about the past and know about the future

Observed and modelled climate change with impacts conveniently on maps and in graphs, via two easy-to-use user interfaces.

The section maps, graphs and data is the pathway to:

  • Climate observations in Finland and modelled information on Finland's future climate,
  • modelled information on the future impacts of climate change and
  • these issues examined by locality 

Community Response Wizard  - examine the situation in your municipality and take action

The first section of the website, tailor-made for a specific user group. The section provides support for sector-specific climate work in municipalities and concrete examples of mitigation and adaptation measures.

This section enables you to:

  • form a rapid general idea of climate change impacts on each municipal sector
  • realise the potential for both mitigation and adaptation by sector
  • assess the measures suited to the needs of your municipality
  • familiarise yourself with practical examples that you can add yourself through the solution archive user interface. 

Increasing need for information on climate change in future

A number of Finnish research institutions and expert organisations produce information on climate change. The amount of information, and the need for it, are constantly increasing in society. Finding and combining information from various sources is often difficult for the inexperienced. It can be difficult to assess the reliability of information communicated by the media and through the Internet. enables you to gain a better overall view on climate change. It pools research-based information produced by various actors into compatible and comparable data that can be examined in parallel.

The website was created by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Aalto University, YTK Land Use Planning and Urban Studies Group in 2009-2011 in a EU Life+ project (LIFE07 INF/FIN/000152 CCCRP) coordinated by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. In 2012, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra supported operations.

The site is continuously updated and developed. The content of the website is currently maintained by the FMI, SYKE and the Natural Resources Institute and a few other organisations. Other Finnish research institutions and expert organisations are welcome to produce contents for the